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K9 Design Pet Salon 


Service Menu

Full Service Groom

"Full Service Grooms" include;
- shampoo and facial
- blow dry and brush out
- a haircut of your choosing
- nail trimming 
- ear cleaning 

Bubble Bath

"Bubble Baths" include;

- shampoo and facial

- blow dry and brush out

- nail trimming

- ear cleaning

Touch Up

"Touch Ups" include;

shampoo and facial

- blow dry and brush out

- light trimming around eyes, feet, and sanitary area. no length taken off the body.

- nail trimming

- ear cleaning

Cat Grooming

for cats accustomed to being groomed, we offer baths, shave downs, brush-outs and nail trimming

pending cat's behavior

Spa Services

Royal Treatment Shampoo

choose from three high quality luxury shampoo treatments;


Black Passion and 

Mineral Red (for allergies)

De Shed

Special bathing process and product that helps loosen undercoat in double coated breeds

A La Carte Services

Walk In Nail Trim & Grind  

Teeth Brushing

Ear Cleaning

"Melissa is wonderful and always does a beautiful job with our baby girl Sophia. I think Melissa has a special gift, not just in her grooming abilities but in her love for animals. She treats Sophia like she is her own and Sophia just loves her. When she moved her location the drive was a little further but it was a no brainer to make the drive. Wouldn't want anyone else but Melissa grooming Sophia. In addition, she is over all a super nice lady and kind hearted."

Linda Marie (Sophia)